The third time vaccine

A few days ago, I injected the third time vaccine for COVID-19.
I'll try to write about my side effects this time.
First, I explain my vaccine. My injected vaccine is all Pfizer's. I was injected in my left arm every time.
This time, my fever was the highest ever, 38.4℃.
The first time my fever a bit raised to 36.9℃, second time raised 37.4℃.

On the day my physical condition didn't change other than an ache of the arm's certain point which was injected.

However, on the second day, my fever raised 37.4℃ when I woke up.
Arm's ache was the same, in addition lassitude around my back and waist.
And my fever raised 38℃ till noon. After that, it still more raised 38.4℃ in the early evening. At last, it fell 37.9℃ at around 23 hours.
I thought it did not fall that day, so I felt a little easy mood.

On the third day, as I woke up my fever became normal. Although, the ache and the lassitude remained a bit.
Finally, those symptoms vanished while I didn't know.

The fever was harder than ever, but other side effects were easier.
The fever went back to its usual condition one day, the fever second was last 2 or 3 days.
On the whole, the fever was really hard but others few lasts, so I feel like some good.